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A Unity Sand is a romantic and beautiful ritual for Weddings and Vow Renewals Ceremonies, that usually takes place after
the exchange of rings.  The Sand Ceremony symbolizes a couple's coming together as one. Different colored sand is poured
from individual vessles into a special central vase, usually called the Unity Vase.
The different colors of sand represent your individual virtues (ie. Patience, compassion, faith, etc).  Each color has it's
significance, therefore the wording is different for each color.  The blending of the colored sand represents the joining
together of your two lives into one, and the combined union of your friends and families.

In Weddings, the Unity Sand is designed for the bride and groom; However, family members like parents or children
can participate, having each their own color of sand.   In Vow Renewals, the sand ceremony is usually used for both partners, and where children are present, they too can participate and have their own jar of colored sand.
Unity Sand Pictures
In a Vow Renewal, the sand pouring symbolizes the UNITY that already exists as a married couple.  In a Wedding, the sand
pouring symbolizes their UNION as one, and the life that a bride and groom will now share as husband and wife.
Add a Beautiful & Meaningful Ritual to your Wedding or Vow Renewal Package!  
Add a Beautiful & Meaningful Ritual to your Wedding or Vow Renewal  
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