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If you got married in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, Mexico and have lost your original Mexican
Marriage Certificate, and need a certified copy;

I can obtain a copy of your Mexican Marriage Certificate if you got married in the State of Quintana Roo, México.
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Have you lost your Mexican Marriage Certificate and need a Certified Copy?
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To get a certified copy of your marriage certificate, (ACTA DE MATRIMONIO) I will need a photo copy, a scanned, or a picture of
the marriage certificate that is readable.  If you don’t have any copy or photo, I will need the following info.

  • Full names of bride and groom,
  • Court Office number
  • Book and record number
  • Time and Date of the Wedding Ceremony
  • City where the wedding took place

NOTE:  If for some reason, you don’t have the book and record number, I will need to request a Vital Records Search, which has
an additional cost of
$50 USD.  

To request a records search I will need;

  • Full names of bride and groom,
  • Time and Date of the Wedding Ceremony
  • City where the wedding took place


Please DO NOT tell me your age or date of birth, your Marriage Certificate will include your age at the time of your wedding; that
way you will know the copy you are obtaining is an original and not a fake.


The least expensive part of this process is to obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate, which is only $10 USD.  My service
fee is $220 USD, which covers for the trips to the court house, standing in line, and driving to the FedEx location.

Since I am based in Cancun, a travel fee will apply for locations other than Cancun (e.g Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum)

Fee Breakdown:

  • Certified Copy:   $  10 USD
  • FedEx S&H Fee:  $  80 USD
  • My Service Fee:  $220 USD
  • Total Amount:    $310 USD
  • Deposit:             $110 USD *(Rounded 35 % of $310 USD).
  • Balance:              $200 USD *(Due once I have your copy and be ready to send)

When I have your copy, I will send you a scanned image or photo of your certificate to proceed with final payment, and send it to
the mailing address you provide.


A certified copy of the wedding certificate does not contain the couple’s signatures nor the witnesses signatures. When you got
married, the Civil Registry office only produced 3 original “Legal Size” marriage certificates, which were signed by the couple and
the witnesses.

One of the original documents was sent to be filed at the state office in Chetumal, another one was filed at the local municipality,
and the third document is what the couple takes back home for their own records.

A certified copy on the other hand,  is a “Letter Size” document, it contains a National Mexican raised seal, a printed State seal, and
an ink Stamp from the municipality.  The whole process takes from 5 to 10 business days.

*Also, if you need this for legal purposes, you may need the Apostille Seal, and be translated to your lenguage, which has an
additional cost to have you Marriage Certificate to be apostilled at the state capital of Chetumal, and translated to your lenguage.
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